"The Greatest Neighbourhood in Canada"

2012 People's Choice - Canadian Institute of Planners

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"Woodfield Cooks"

Edited by Ann McColl Lindsay, Hazel Desbarats and Ulla Troughton, this wonderful cookbook beckons:


Welcome to our kitchens in London's historic core. Growing and preparing food has been a Woodfield preoccupation since the founding of this city. We can still walk or bicycle to farmers' markets, independent grocers and vegetable plots. More than a collection of favourite recipes, Woodfield Cooks is a biographical cookbook that brings the people of this downtown community to life.


Price: 20$

Become a Woodfield member!

If you believe in what we are trying to do down here, please consider joining the Woodfield Community Association. Membership is only $5 per household for a 4 year term OR for $50 you can be a Lifetime Member and get a free copy of our book! We need your input and membership to help us understand and meet the needs of this diverse, vibrant community.


Price: $ 5

"Residential to the Core"

A History of Woodfield


Price: $ 20

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Green Woodfield Apron

Green Apron with "Woodfield" on the front


Price: $ 25

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White Woodfield Apron

White Apron with "Woodfield" on the front


Price: $ 20

Green Woodfield Umbrella

Green Umbrella with a "Woodfield" panel


Price: $ 25

Umbrella Multi-price

3 or more Umbrellas - price per Umbrella


Price: $ 20

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Trees for Woodfield Tree Guide

One free guide per member


Price: $ 0

All money paid for the above items goes to Community initiatives in Woodfield.

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